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Welcome! This is what my life looks like. My work is to encourage people to play with the God in themselves. Invite me. There will be singing, praying, living, dying, deep laughter and insight enough for everyone.
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    I met some folks from in Ohio a couple of weeks ago at an Art of Hosting ( training. Been playing Brianna Kelly and Friends’ All Things are Being Made New all morning. Again. Brianna also teaches art and is setting up a bike co-op in Cincinnati. It’s hard to keep up with all the beautiful people doing amazing work in the world, but I really loved meeting these guys, and can’t wait to see the videos that were made there. Thanks to Jane Gerdsen and Gayle Catinella for inviting me! Find the tunes here: Kelly

    All Saints’ Episcopal, Chicago 4/6/14.

    Province V Art of Hosting Training at Proctor Camp and Conference Center in Ohio. Amazing people doing great work. Honored to work with Jane Gerdsen, Gayle Catinella, Steve Matthews, and my brother from another mother, Tom Brackett. You should see the videos of the work these folks are doing. Will post links asap.
    And that’s me and Katie sending a pic to a mutual friend that we had no idea was a mutual friend! We both love Laura Gillen, a fine friend and excellent artist.

    Lovely singers at St. Clement’s, Honolulu. Many sweet people, incredible snorkeling at Hanauma Bay, and some really ridiculous stuff parked next to my hotel. Christmas caroling, anyone?

    On the way out of church at St. Clement’s in Honolulu last Sunday, a sweet woman handed me this! She thanked me for singing Open my heart, and said that when we sang it, she knew I needed one! 

    A Composer’s Retreat in VT (August 2013). sponsored  by The All Saints Company. With Roosevelt Credit, Ruth Cunningham, Rachel Pollak Kroh, Robert Buckley Farley, Anne Krentz Organ, Marilyn Haskel, Ana Hernandez, Donald Schell, Ike Sturm, Jake Slichter, Rick Fabian, Ben Allaway, Dan Schwandt, and Paul Vasile. Not long enough, but fun.

    So excited to be working with great people in Hawaii! Come if you can!

    Look what I just found on YouTube! My favorite compassion mantra. We have two tunes on this Sounds True compilation CD. This video has more than 18,500 hits so far and I had no idea someone had created it or used our arrangement. Performed by HARC - Ana Hernandez & Ruth Cunningham. Also available, or iTunes…

    Some of the good people of Christ Church, Tarrytown, NY, completely engaged in a World Cafe at a weekend workshop. What a lovely and diverse group of humans, from 8-80, talking about the music they make, support, love, and are capable of making together.
    Saturday, 2/1/14. 

    RIP Pete Seeger. I hope you are well, singing, and making up songs.

    1) Ana and Pete at the Storm King launch party. DIA: Beacon 4/11/13 

    2) Pete, Toshi and their posse leaving DIA as the party winds down.

    3) The Storm King Audio Book jacket and Pete, looking, well, like Pete. :)

    4) Great pic, huh? 

    5) Postcard he sent me around 1985. He must have sent thousands of them to musicians all over. 

    6) Front of the postcard: Pete leaving the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the dust by singing and playing. Works for me.

    Kids n drums = Wonder!

    Kids n drums = Wonder!

    Open My Heart, from HARC: Inside Chants. Available at, on iTunes, and pretty much wherever you’re listening. Sit back and relax for the next five minutes. 

    Look it up and buy a copy today!

    HARC is HernandezAna/RuthCunningham 

    Open My Heart has been generating a lot of interest the last couple of weeks. Here I’m teaching it in 2007 at St. Paul’s Chapel in NYC. Lots of lovely improvisation by people in no time flat. Footage proves YES WE CAN! Open my Heart been translated into at least six languages, and I’ve learned so many parts from so many different people. So grateful.

    The first of three blog posts about An Unexpected Christmas, my 2010 collaboration with Dan Moriarty and the Virginia Girls Choir. Read all about it, then download it here: CDs, too.  

    Seems there’s a lot to say about the goodness and beauty here.

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