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Welcome! This is what my life looks like. My work is to encourage people to play with the God in themselves. Invite me. There will be singing, praying, living, dying, deep laughter and insight enough for everyone.
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    I’d forgotten all about this project from 2008, but was reminded tonight. Listen to chat, and late night sung Psalm settings. With  Samir Selmanovic, Stephanie Spellers, Bowie and John Snodgrass, Deanna Witkowski, Nadia Bolz-Weber, me, and others… Interesting and fun.

    Join us if you’re in Rhode Island! Deep, spiritual fun in a beautiful chapel!
    Saturday, Oct. 4th 9am-12:30pm, Emmanuel Church, 42 Dearborn St. Newport, RI 

    Scott Weidler, Ana Hernandez, and Luke Smetters enjoying a left-handed meal before Music that Makes Community in Chicago last week. Such deep fun working with these two!

    Evening prayer, or dinner? Half went to dinner. Loud! Soft like a mouse? Did I really say that?

    Last week in Chicago co-leading Music that Makes Community. Sing loud, sing soft, sing out, let the spirit take you, etc…

    Music That Makes Community

    Register for the whole shebang, or join us for these free events!
    Community Singing: Bring songs to share and learn from others!
    Friday September 26, 7:30 PM
    Holy Eucharist: All are welcome at the table!
    Saturday, September 27, 11 AM
    Both events will take place at Augustana Chapel, 1100 East 55th St.
    September 25-27, 2014 at Lutheran School of the Theology at Chicago
    I’d love to see some of you!

    Finding Our Voice: SInging Together for Liberation and Healing

    Four week class! September 23, 30, October 7, 14, 2014 - The Cathedral of Hope UCC, 5910 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas, TX 75235. Tuesdays, 7-8:15 pm - Come when you can!

    Whether your work brings you to hospitals, recovery ministries, hospice, jail, church, school, or only to your meditation cushion, singing with and for one another can help us to manage our internal weather, deepen our ability to listen, and help us to be deeply present in our communities.

    In this four week class we will:

    • learn beautiful melodies to help us grow in compassion as we develop our most authentic voice and walk the way of freedom together;
    • listen deeply to the spirit within, sing our way to our sweetest identity, individually and collectively;
    • re-discover God, with and in our voices;
    • listen deeply and experience the ways sound touches spirit;
    • explore sacred chant to heal ourselves and the world, learning how sound can enhance well-being; and
    • reflect on sounds that open and close our hearts.

    Absolutely everyone is welcome in this class of humming, toning, singing, deep listening, and seriously fun prayer. If you can hum you can come. Whether you have a degree in music or have been told to mouth the words, you are beloved, and the possibilities for singing a deeper song together are truly endless if we intentionally invite and include one another. Plan to start with yourself! Learn how your voice lives in your body, how to use it to generate health and healing, and how to let it help you bring your best self to all you do. Our greatest dreams and our biggest hurts are present in our voices, The voice you’ve been given is a part of your gift to the world and is unique in the universe. Knowing yourself can help put you on the fast track to a healthy inner life.

    For more information contact Katherine Godby at (214) 351-1901.

    Stayed with Dan Moriarty, the new choral director and organist at the Groton School. Toured the beautiful chapel, heard a great Skinner organ. I also heard a sonata for two girls and organ that was so. much. fun. Lunch at the Blackbird Cafe was great, but the river walk and playing with friends: priceless.

    I shared a cabin with nine girls and another teacher. Lumiere and Shania know a lot of these.

    Esperanza Academy summer camp in NH. Beautiful clear lake, good singing, lots of exercise and fun, and great conversations. I tried to paddleboard every day, but think I’ll stick to kayaking. I did climb 50’ up a tree and jumped off on a zip line. Hard climbing and fun jumping! Nice to be back in my own bed.

    The fact that children can make beautiful music is less significant than the fact that music can make beautiful children.

    Cheryl Lavender

    Gonna be such a fine time. Join us!

    In 1958, at age 81, Pablo Casals agreed to have Robert Snyder make a movie short, “A Day in the Life of Pablo Casals.” Snyder asked Casals, the world’s foremost cellist, why he continued to practice four and five hours a day. Casals answered:“Because I think I am making progress.”

    Join hosts Daniel Schwandt and Ben Stewart at the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago for a Music that Makes Community event that will be open to both seminary students and to the wider community. Leaders will be Ben Groth, Ana Hernandez, Chanda Rule, Donald Schell, Luke Smetters, and Scott Weidler.

    Housing at the affordable cost of $100/night (includes breakfast) is available at the Nicholas Center of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago. 
    Email with questions. I hope to see you in Chicago soon!

    April Alford-Harkey dropped in for a visit and Sr. Laurie tried to recruit her. Again.
Sr. Helen Bernice is 100 years old and I was so pleased to sit next to her for two days. Michael Julian is truly the salt of the earth, and a great singer too! Connie Jo and Karin (sp?) both made me laugh and cry. There's serious depth here, and sweetness. Me, Helen, and Laura Ahrens, one of the bishops in the neighborhood. Nice to sing with these women!

    Sisterhood of St. Gregory convocation in CT. What a great and sweet group! Prayers are always starting late because there’s so much laughter going on. The oldest sister is 100 and still knitting caps for soldiers. People are amazing!

    Chant Workshop with HARC (Ana Hernandez and Ruth Cunningham) at Knox College, Galesburg, IL in the spring. Big fun! Deep thanks to whoever did this!

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